Brodie McIntosh becomes 2019 Australasian Champion

Tigershark Brand Ambassador Brodie McIntosh competed at the 2019 AA’s in Philippines held at the Magnus sporting range in Batangas. This event attracted best IPSC shooters from all over the World with over 1,000 competitors entered.
This event is a Level 4 and is on par with the IPSC World Shoot in prestige.
24 stages is scheduled over 5 Days. 

Brodie Finished 2nd outright only just being beaten by JJ Racaza for
outright first. Brodie’s overall 2nd place also helped the Australian Open Team to secure the top spot.

Brodie says "Tigershark bullets are the finest competition projectiles that help me keep winning. If you don’t believe it just look at the photo of the partial swinger!" (see below) Brodie uses Tigershark 123GN Round Nose in his Open gun

January 12, 2020 by Steve Hoy

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