Competition pistol shooting has been a passion for a few years now and like many competition shooters my sport required me to reload my own ammunition. Although necessary, reloading also provided another interesting dimension to my sport. Trying out different powders, primers and bullets to find the perfect combination to satisfy a balance of power reliability and accuracy - I don't think of reloading as a chore but as a craft.

Over the years I found primers and powder that performed consistently for me. These were sometimes hard to get but usually available if I looked hard enough. However, bullets just seemed to be a little more difficult - with the myriad combinations of weight, caliber, nose shape, hardness and importantly the type of coating used. And no matter how I made my ammo I always found that my barrels would still build up lead deposits that were very hard to remove. Was it just me reloading badly? Well turns out that many shooters were having the same trouble too - some just didn't know how to look for it or realise how quickly lead deposits can build up.

After coming across and trying out some copper coated bullets I realised that my old foe of lead deposits was behind me but supply was proving problematic. After a bit of research I came across a little known company in, of all places, Slovenia called LOS Manufacturing. LOS is the Slovene word for Elk or Moose. Making bullets since 2010 in a purpose built plant in Cerkno; I found the LOS reputation in Europe and America to be outstanding with bullets being made for ammunition manufacturers, competition shooters, military and law enforcement clients.

We came to an agreement with LOS for them to make bullets for us. But LOS, or Moose just didn’t seem to have the right resonance for Australia and so we decided on Tigershark – made for us in slightly different weights and sizes than are available internationally with the cornerstone being consistency and reliability at a reasonable price. So began Tigershark Bullets in Australia.

We’ll be out at competitions and events supporting the shooting community so say hi and give Tigershark Bullets a go. Try them – like them – or, if they’re not for you, return them for a no fuss money back guarantee.

Tigershark Ballistics