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Lyman Pro Die Pack

Lyman Pro Die Pack

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Lyman Pro dies set a new standard for reloading die performance! Designed for the tremendous volume of Mark 7 presses, every aspect of these precision dies was carefully engineered for top performance. Of course, they work great in regular progressive presses as well as turret and single station presses.

• Stainless Steel to Prevent Rusting

The first consideration was the material of the dies. The size, seat and crimp dies are all made of stainless steel which was chosen for its toughness and anti-corrosion qualities. No more rusted dies!

• Carbide Rings for Wear Resistance

Our sizing dies are equipped with highly polished carbide rings for the ultimate in wear resistance and reduced sizing force.

• Spring-Loaded Decapping Rod

In addition, the sizing dies are equipped with a spring-loaded decapping rod system to ensure that the primer is forcefully ejected from the primer pocket.

Flare Dies for Pistol

-Ppistol sets include a flare die which are designed to allow bullets to properly sit on the case mouth prior to seating.

• Micrometer Adjustable Seating Die

Next is the Micrometer Seating die. This seating die has a micrometer adjustable seating head for precision bullet seating length. Its floating bullet seating punch centers the bullet on the case and eliminates excessive run out.

• Micrometer Adjustable Taper Crimp Die

Finally, each set is equipped with a taper crimp die (micrometer adjustable) to fully remove any case mouth flare and to provide improved bullet retention. Lyman Pro dies offer more features at a better price than any competitive dies available!

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