9MM 123GN Hollow Point Stock Low

Tigershark 123GN Hollow Point stock

Well, I thought I'd order plenty going by the initial demand back in January but it looks like I was wrong when I ordered mostly Round Nose in the full container. The 123GN HP's are are by far the most popular line.  At the time of writing we are down to only 43K left.  An order has been placed with the factory for more including an order for  the new 135GN RN and HP's made especially for us.

If you have previously bought the 123GN HP's and want more before September (yes, unfortunately, it will take that long to land the shipment) you might want to get an order is ASAP.  We still have a heap of 123GN RN so all is not lost if you are happy with the RN instead.



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