Q: What Velocity can Tigershark Copper Pistol Bullets be used at?
A: Up to 1500 FPS.

Q: What's the difference between "Jacketed" bullets and Copper coated?
A: Jacketed bullets are made using a different process in 2 parts; the lead core and the copper "Cup" (jacket).  The jacket is punched and the jacket encapsulates the lead core. These jackets are much thicker than the coating used on copper coated bullets. Copper coated bullets are made by swaging a lead core followed by the application of a thin coating of highly ductile copper over the lead by an electroplating process. 

Q:Are Tigershark Pistol Bullets "jacketed"?
A: No, they are hard cast lead bullets electroplated with copper. more...

Q: Are Tigershark copper coated bullets re-formed after coating?
A: Yes, they are reformed to ensure uniformity