Competition Grade Pistol bullets

Copper coated bullets with compact lead cores and specialised plating.  Reformed at the last stage for consistency.


Lovex Propellant Update

Export permission from Czech Republic has been granted and we have an ETA to Australia in mid-August
If you have purchased from us over the last 12 months you will be the first to be sent an email with an option to purchase from the first shipment. Dealers who have purchased from us in the same time frame will also be included in the first round offer.
Lovex propellant powder is made in Czech Republic by Explosia and is well known in Europe, South Africa and the USA (branded as Shooters World
Tigershark are the official distributor of Lovex in Australia. We have 450KG total on this first shipment but we will have a follow up shipment later in the year.
3 types of powder will be offered initiaslly: D032, DO36 and D037.1 
April 29, 2022 by Steve Hoy

SG Smart Timers Have Arrived

We have received our first production shipment of the new Smart Timers from Shooters Global.  Shooters Global is a Ukrainian company who, for obvious reasons, have moved their production and sales office to Poland.  This timer brings new features and benefits to your live fire and dry practice.  It's like going from an old Nokia "brick" to an iPhone!  This is by far the best timer for dry fire where multiple strings can be run without the need to press start teach time.  What's more, most settings are adjustable and firmware updates can be done wirelessly.  The timer is Bluetooth linked to your phone (Android and IOS) and with additional features that are unlocked via a small subscription (one month included free) you can capture video of your run that includes your times. 

The timer comes with a belt clip, charging cable and lanyard.

PractiScore integration is in the final stages of development too and will available shortly via the firmware update. 

More info 

April 28, 2022 by Steve Hoy
Tigershark in Australian & NZ Handgun Magazine

Tigershark in Australian & NZ Handgun Magazine

The 2022 Australian & New Zealand Handgun Magazine is just out and features an in-depth review on Tigershark Bullets by well respected firearms expert & magazine contributor Geoff Smith. 

The testing starts with weighing and measuring the projectiles and then delves into detailed testing for suitability and accuracy.  Load data is included for 9MM, 357 Mag and 44Mag. 

For the full story click here 

January 05, 2022 by Steve Hoy