TGRSRK Competition Shirts - New Production Run

TGRSRK Competition Shirt

Due to high demand we are ordering another production run of our popular competition shirts.  You can have your name  - or business name - printed front and back.  Orders required by November 14.  Order here.

Make sure you stipulate printing required for front and back (in the special notes section on check out) and confirm your correct size as per the size chart (US size).

We are expecting the order to arrive the first week of December and will dispatch your shirt straightaway. 

October 08, 2018 by Steve Hoy

Lead Dust and Your Health

The Victorian Department of Health has published a brochure warning of the dangers of lead dust in shooting.  I note that one of the recommendations is to:  "...use lead-free ammunition - ammunition that replaces lead-based primers with safer alternatives and/or ammunition that uses lead-free or jacketed projectiles that have a lead core covered with a copper or nylon coating" 

So the message is to take reasonable precautions when using or cleaning firearms and range equipment/surfaces and keep using copper coated bullets! 

Full document available here

October 05, 2018 by Steve Hoy

Skills and Tactics a One Day Course in IPSC

2 dates available Monday October 1 and Tuesday October 2

Instructor:  Paul Hagiantoniou 
Australian IPSC Production Division Champion


A full day course for medium to advanced IPSC shooters covering techniques to help you improve your skills.  Including:

Art of the draw

Shooting one handed

Efficiency of movement to improve your score

Super smooth reloads

Shooting on the move

Cadence and rhythm

Arc of shooting technique

Eye movement - leading the gun with your eyes

Swingers – how to Alpha a moving target


More info...

August 08, 2018 by Steve Hoy