MantisX Shooting Training Systems Back in Stock

MantisX Shooting Training Systems Back in Stock

A new shipment of MantisX shooting training systems has arrived.  We have selected to stock the X10 Elite Dry/Live Fire and the X2 Dry Fire system.  Our most recent shipment has nearly sold out but more are on the way.  

The X10 has it all suitable for live and dry fire practice, including recoil analysis and draw analysis.

Add some fun into your dry fire training with a MantisX

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October 22, 2020 by Steve Hoy
Introducing the FTP Alpha 3 Red Dot

Introducing the FTP Alpha 3 Red Dot

Tigershark are the exclusive Australian/NZ distributor for FTP's competition grade red dot optic.

Designed specifically for competition rather than LEO/military/competition.  Built without compromise with all the features a competition shooter needs. 

  • Made in Japan
  • Crystal clear glass
  • One of the largest micro red dot large windows available.  Bigger than a DPP or SRO 
  • Super bright 6 or 8 MOA dot
  • Mounts on RTS2 platform (may need slight milling of blast shield or optic cut to accommodate the larger sight)
  • Motion sensor - auto on/auto off (after 3 minutes of no movement)
  • 30 month warranty with direct swap over (as long as we have stock)

Check out this review  by the Humble marksman

Available to purchase at merchandise

October 22, 2020 by Steve Hoy
Tigershark Ammo

Tigershark Ammo

If you're tired of pulling the handle we'll do it for you!

Competition rated ammo for less $ than most factory ammo!

Made with either brand new, once fired or recycled brass.  All recycled or once fired brass brass is washed, polished and resized to spec.  Once loaded it is chamber checked to ensure 100% function.

Power Factor around 130 depending on conditions and gun

Sorry, we can't post ammo it must be collected in Brisbane.  Contact us to roder (we can't sell it on our ecommerce platform as it's loaded ammunition)

Queensland License to Manufacture Explosives: 2000050


March 05, 2020 by Addition Collaborator