Another Champion Shooter Joins Tigershark as Brand Ambassador

Australian IPSC Open division champion Brodie McIntosh joins the Tigershark team.

We are very proud to announce that Brodie McIntosh joins Paul Hagiantoniou as a Tigershark Brand Ambassador.

Brodie’s achievements are unprecedented in Australia with:
• 17 IPSC Open div. National Championships (14 in a row)
• 40 State Championships
• 4 Steel Master’s
• Current IPSC World #3.

Brodie has represented Australia 12 times at international events including 7 IPSC World Championships where he has never finished outside of the top 10 in the world since 2002!
At the World level where Brodie sits he demands high quality equipment including, accurate consistent ammunition. What really got Brodie’s attention after hearing all the hype about Tigershark Bullets was that the weight and diameter was very consistent and that consistency is a key indicator of accuracy.

At such an elite level changing tried and tested formulas was not something to be taken lightly, subtle changes can have unexpected consequences. However, after extensive testing Brodie concluded that Tigershark bullets represent the best quality, most accurate, readily available competition bullet in Australia. Brodie now uses Tigershark 123GN RN bullets exclusively in practice and in competition loaded with ADI AP100 powder - which he notes produce excellent accuracy and consistent power factor.

Brodie will be using Tigershark Bullets at the IPSC World Shoot In France and we wish him all the best for the competition.

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Have shot with Brodie a few times. Awsome world class shooter. I can’t see as fast as he shoots.

Errol Sharp

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