GPS Range Backpacks

GPS Range Backpacks

We all enjoy spending time on the range, whether it’s for practice or competition and you know how important it is to have the right gear. One accessory that can make a big difference to your experience is a good range bag. I’ve tried quite a few over the years but never found one that was perfectly suited. A couple of years back I came across a brand of range gear that seemed to stand out from the rest and so I bought one on Amazon – it cost a fair bit but who doesn’t like quality? GPS was the brand and I bought the Tactical Range Backpack in tan and I used that backpack to carry all my gear to the range multiple times a week and even to interstate competitions. It stood up well, literally (as they have an internal frame)

On my recent visit to the USA, I picked up the larger (Tall) version and this bag is THE bag for the range. It has a massive amount of room and comes with 4 matching pistol cases

Anyway, I have been so impressed with these backpacks we have now taken on the Australian Distributorship of GPS products.
Our initial stock will be limited to a combination of 5 different varieties of the GPS Backpacks and we intend to flesh out the offering as we go.

Stock arriving at the end of April. The range will include the following:

Tactical Range Backpack (Tall) Black and Tan
Tactical Range Backpack Black and Gray 
Executive Backpack Black
Pistolero Backpack Black
Handgunner Backpack Black

Anyway, don’t take my word for how good they are check out this review

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