MantisX Training System

Of all the thousands of products at the recent SHOT Show one product really impressed me.  Something that might help to understand what happens during and after trigger press and something that would likely sharpen skills or diagnose problems. And as Rod Leatham says "Aiming is meaningless"  (if you move the gun during the shot). Called MANTISX it's a laser training aid that records your aim, trigger press, shot break and displays the movement during each 3.  Additionally it shows you (on the free App connected by Bluetooth) where the shot hit and and gives you a score out of 100 for each shot in a string.  It also provides suggestions to improve your score.

MANTISX can be used in live fire and dry fire with the tiny unit mounted on your pistol's integrated rail, or mounted on your magazine base with an adapter. 

MantisX will be available form our website soon at $295.  Magazine adapters $15

For more info have a look at this review 

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