Powder, Ammo, and Travel: An Update on All Things Tigershark

Powder, Ammo, and Travel: An Update on All Things Tigershark


We’re excited to announce that our third shipment of Vihtavuori Pistol Powder has arrived! Dealer orders have been packed, and deliveries will start on Monday, June 24, to dealers in Queensland and WA, followed by NSW, VIC, and SA from July 1. Check out the full list of dealers here.

We currently don’t have a date or specific plans for future Vihtavuori shipments, so be sure to grab some while supplies last.

Our next scheduled powder shipment is the long-awaited Lovex DO32 in 12 kg packs (2 x 6 kg per carton). This powder has proven excellent for minor power factor loads. Although we don’t have a final dealer distribution list yet, we recommend talking to one of our dealers about getting on a pre-purchase list. The expected ETA is late August.

Mark7 Reloading

A new shipment from Mark7 has arrived! We now have more Apex10 Auto Drives, along with dies, sensors, and caliber conversions. Check out our full range of reloading gear here.

GPS Range Backpacks

We’ve got a good stock of some of the best GPS Range Backpacks. These backpacks are truly top-of-the-range. Explore our collection here.

Tigershark Personalized Competition Shirts

A new run of our ever-popular Tigershark Personalized Competition Shirts is available for order now! Place your order by June 30 for delivery at the end of July. Get your shirt here.

Steve Away for 3 Weeks Starting July 1

I’ll be taking a few weeks off to travel to Europe to hunt down more powder and meet with some of our suppliers and manufacturers. Afterward, I'll be heading to Israel to volunteer with the Israeli Defence Force, assisting with basic logistic tasks through an organization called SAREL. Learn more about SAREL here.

While I’m away, our warehouse will continue to fulfill orders for bullets, GPS Backpacks, and auto-drives. However, other items will have to wait until I return the week of July 22. Be sure to get your orders in now!

Thank you for your continued support!

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