Powder Update

Powder Update

As an interim update, we're pleased to confirm that we have the Lovex DO32 and DO36 in the Czech Republic, all set and ready to ship. We are now just waiting on finalization of an import license for NSW, which is essential since the Lovex will be arriving via air-cargo through Sydney airport. We're told the license has been granted, and we are eagerly awaiting the formal notification so we can get this shipment on its way.

In addition to the Lovex, the Vihtavuori shipment is ready to be loaded onto a ship and is expected to arrive in Brisbane on September 16th (although we acknowledge that there might be a slight adjustment to this date). This means that we're on track to start distributing Vihtavuori powder around the last week of September. At that time we will also have our initial stock of Mark7 Apex presses, auto-drives and accessories as well as a restock of the very popular GPS Range Backpacks.

Interstate shipping is still a challenge but we do expect to be able to ship powder to a select group of interstate dealers. However, please understand that due to the unique nature of the product, it is challenging for us to accommodate small individual dealer orders. To best serve you, we will be appointing a limited number of dealers in key locations, including Sydney/Newcastle, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. In Queensland, shipping is a little easier and we are able to work with a larger network of dealers. As we've done in the past with our Lovex shipment, we will also offer a package deal that includes Tigershark bullets along with the powder. We understand that this might raise questions for some, and we apologize to those who find this arrangement less than ideal.

A small portion of the powder will also be available directly from us. However, at this time, we're not able to accept pre-orders. Once we have confirmation of shipping, we will advise details on how to order.

For a detailed overview of the Vihtavuori powders that we're importing, please refer to our website. Please understand we are trying to ensure a fair and efficient process for all and consequently the limited quantities in all the variants will mean dealers will only have a few of the variations available.

While we've provided indicative pricing on the website, please bear in mind that unexpected post-import costs could potentially lead to slight price adjustments. Dealers will also incur freight and other costs that are not factored in to these prices.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we continue work to bring you these powders. Further updates will follow as we inch closer to the distribution phase. Stay tuned for more info.

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