Powder Update

We have some good news to share! Our shipment of Vihtavuori pistol & rifle powder is set to arrive at the port on Friday, December 22. All of this shipment has been allocated to dealers nationwide, and we'll soon provide an updated list of these dealers. These dealer orders are expected to be packed and shipped by mid-January.

Regrettably, there's a setback with our Lovex DO32 (12KG units) shipment due to a "highly escalated security situation in the Red Sea." Our shipping agent is actively working with the shipping line to explore alternative routes for the cargo. As of now, we don't have further updates and it may take some time to resolve. If anyone who placed an order for this product wishes to cancel, please email us. Additionally, those who have pre-paid and wish to cancel, please also reach out via email for a refund. 


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