We've been overwhelmed to the response from shooters all over the country with some fantastic test results and positive reviews.  Disappointingly, though, we have run out of nearly all calibers and weights and for those that want to try Tigershark Bullets and particularity for those of you who have had success with them already I am sorry we can't supply you until the full container load arrives in mid-April.   However, we are able to take forward orders for allocation of stock from this container so that you can be assured as soon as it lands we will have your Tigershark's on their way to you.  Pre-orders can be taken now without the need for any payment up-front.  We'll contact you closer to the ETA to arrange payment and delivery.  

To pre-order complete the form at https://tigersharkballistics.com.au/pages/pre-order-now

February 01, 2017 by Steve Hoy

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