September Powder Update

I want to begin by offering my apologies for the lack of updates since mid-August. We understand your eagerness to stay informed, and I appreciate your patience. 

Handling the import and distribution of Explosives (Smokeless Powder) is a difficult and complex task that demands careful attention and is very time consuming. It is an complex journey filled with unexpected hurdles that constantly reshape our path. These challenges range from the need to secure permits for overflying southern India, to the necessity of repackaging consignments to comply with stringent Australian regulations. The paperwork involved has proven to be exceptionally complex, contributing to unforeseen delays.

However, despite these obstacles, I am pleased to let you know that we remain on schedule to receive the Vihtavuori powder by the end of this month, provided that no further unforeseen delays occur. In the face of stringent Australian road transport regulations our commitment to getting powder out to as many people as possible remains, and we are actively working to ensure that interstate/intrastate dealer orders are packaged and dispatched during the first week of October.


Lovex DO32 and DO36

The QStore - Brisbane
The Outpost - Rockhampton
Hall's Firearms - Townsville
Mackay Shooters Supplies - Mackay
Gold Coast Pistol Club - Southport
OZ GunMart - 
The Paintball Shop

Vihtavouri N300 and N100 Series

Below, you will find a list of confirmed dealers across various regions:

Please Note dealers have limited quantities and varieties available. 

Also, you may be asked to purchase Tigershark bullets alongside the powder as a package. We understand that this arrangement may not suit everyone, but it plays a vital role in supporting our mission to and sustain our core business. By selling more bullets alongside the powder, allows us the means to import additional powder.

Queensland (QLD):

  • The QStore - Brisbane 
  • The Outpost - Rockhampton
  • Hall's Firearms - Townsville
  • Mackay Shooters Supplies - Mackay
  • Gold Coast Pistol Club - Southport

New South Wales (NSW):

  • Newcastle Armory - Newcastle
  • Safari Firearms - Sydney

South Australia (SA):

  • Gunforce - Adelaide

Victoria (VIC):

  • Custom Guns & Engineering - Melbourne
  • Lorco Firearms - Central Victoria
  • Pakenham Firearms - Melbourne

Western Australia (WA) / Northern Territory (NT) / Tasmania (TAS):

  • WA: Claremont Firearms & Robert Hollier Gunsmith
  • NT: We are diligently working to make Lovex available to you, though we currently lack a realistic freight option.
  • TAS: Unfortunately, we cannot find an economically viable option to transport explosives across Bass Strait to Tasmania.


For those interested in purchasing powder from our Brisbane location, please note that we will also have limited quantities and varieties available. Further details on how to make purchases will be provided at a later date. Additionally, for those considering a road trip to collect your order, please be aware that regulations in NSW stipulate a maximum limit of 12 kilograms of powder in private vehicles.

It is essential to recognize that quantities of certain popular pistol powders are extremely limited, and dealers may carry some varieties while not offering others.

In other news, we anticipate the arrival of another couple of tons of Vihtavuori pistol and rifle powder before Christmas. Additionally, we have 1,000 kilograms of Lovex DO32 in Europe that we are trying to arrange approval for.

Lastly, I would like to emphasize that this venture is not only complex but also financially demanding, requiring significant upfront investments running into hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure these products.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this challenging process.

Thank you for supporting Tigershark, and we will keep you updated as developments unfold.

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