Following up from our earlier post about APS450 I have completed testing and have put together a report on my findings.

AP70N has long been my favourite for reloading 9MM, it has always performed well for me while others insist AP50 is better and some even preferring AP100.  

With the demise of AP70 the good news is that ADI has released the alternative to AP50 called APS450 and I thought it worthwhile to test it against 70 to see if it could bridge the gap till APS650 becomes available. Other powders were tested as part of the process as well.  For the full report click here

May 31, 2019 by Steve Hoy


Susan West

Susan West said:

Thank you for releasing the data. We will all do our own evaluation, however you gave us a great place to begin and thank you for your time in evaluating the various variables and publishing the results.


Glenn.C said:

bring back Vihtavuori

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