Tigershark's on Ranges Where Jacketed are not Allowed

On some ranges in Australia the use of "Jacketed bullets" are restricted or banned entirely. Plated bullets are not "jacketed" as the coating process is entirely different to the way a Jacketed bullet is made. The coating of copper on a plated bullet is very thin (about 12 Micron) in comparison to an fully jacketed bullet.  However, in some instances there has been confusion over the look of Tigershark bullets - they "look a bit like an FMJ" but once the bullet is scratched on a surface such as concrete it is immediately obvious as the coating will scratch exposing the soft lead core - you cant do that with an FMJ.

Some clubs have recently clarified their position as per the following example:  

We are happy to follow up with clubs who do not understand the difference between "Jacketed" and copper plated bullets.


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