Dealers Wanted

We are currently seeking interest from dealers to stock our range of LOVEX propellant powder.

There are 3 types arriving on this first shipment. 

DO32 (similar to AP70N/APS450)
DO36 (similar to Alliant Unique) 
DO37.1 (a slower burner, closer to AP100)

For more information on these powders go to LOVEX Reloading Guide

Propellant Powder is only available for pick up in Brisbane, however, we hope to have a freight option to dealers soon. 

The first shipment is expected mid-August and we have a follow up shipment set to land near the end of this year.

The first shipment will be offered as a packaged bundle with projectiles -  500g  bundled with 1,000 bullets. 

Collection is from Brisbane. For interstate and regional dealers we will be taking expressions of interest from our customer base and customers will nominate a dealer to purchase from.

Email your interest including the following information:

Dealer Name

Contact person


Phone number

Email address