Skills and Tactics a One Day Course in IPSC

2 dates available Monday October 1 and Tuesday October 2

Instructor:  Paul Hagiantoniou 
Australian IPSC Production Division Champion


A full day course for medium to advanced IPSC shooters covering techniques to help you improve your skills.  Including:

Art of the draw

Shooting one handed

Efficiency of movement to improve your score

Super smooth reloads

Shooting on the move

Cadence and rhythm

Arc of shooting technique

Eye movement - leading the gun with your eyes

Swingers – how to Alpha a moving target


More info...

August 08, 2018 by Steve Hoy

9MM 145RN Arriving 22 August

Our next shipment of Tigershark's will be here on August 22.  The long-awaited 9MM 145 Round Nose will be on this shipment and ready for dispatch immediately.

Order now at



August 02, 2018 by Steve Hoy

Congratulations in Order

Congratulations to 2 of our local Tigershark User: Leigh Wilson for achieving Master Grade in Production at the recent NSW State Titles. Shaun uses 145Gn Tigershark HP's in his CZ Shadow SP01 and Leigh uses 135Gn Tigershark HP's in his CZ Shadow 2
July 16, 2018 by Brandon Sloan

Latest Shipment of Tigershark's have landed

Our latest container of Tigershark Bullets has arrived in Australia.  Stock available in all calibres and shapes except for 145GN RN (due on our next shipment mid-August).  38/357 in 158 SWC and HP, 44 MAG, 45 ACP and 9MM 115GN RN all available.  Order now for dispatch on Friday May 18.


May 15, 2018 by Steve Hoy
Nearly 4 Million Tigershark Bullets sold in 12 months!

Nearly 4 Million Tigershark Bullets sold in 12 months!

I can't believe it is a year ago since we were about to receive the first container load of Tigershark Bullets in Australia.  Since then over 3.8 million Tigershark's have been shipped out to pistol shooters all across Australia with the factory making special weights and diameters specifically for our market (180GN SIG and 135GN 9MM).  More Tigershark's are on their way from Europe to top up supplies and ensure we keep adequate stock of the most popular calibres/weights/shapes in the warehouse.  Our customer base is growing all the time with more and more people enjoying the experience of loading shooting such an accurate and clean bullet - so a BIG thank you to you all!
April 14, 2018 by Steve Hoy

Australia Post Shipping Now Available

Australia Post Logo

Australia Post shipping has been added to our shipping options at checkout. This is especially useful for those of you in areas not directly serviced by Fastway Couriers.  Courier delivery to regional and remote areas can be somewhat slow as orders are generally freighted to the closest Fastway Depot and on forwarded to a local contractor. After sending hundreds of orders we have only lost 1 and this was forwarded to a contractor who lost the parcel!  

Rates are automatically calculated at checkout.

November 14, 2017 by Steve Hoy

New Premium Caps Now in Stock

We've completely redesigned the caps with new embossed logo on a newly available fabric (that doesn't show the dirt like the old ones!) Black with a white sandwich bill. Order now 

October 16, 2017 by Steve Hoy

New Tigershark Competition Shirts Now in Stock

Limited stock of shirts are now available - Shop Now 

October 03, 2017 by Steve Hoy

There's a Growing List of Tigershark Stockists

There's a growing list of Dealers now stocking Tigershark Bullets. Welcome Hall's Firearms, Mackay Shooters Supply and The Outpost Arms & Munitions. All are Queensland based businesses serving shooters in their local area. It's great for our customers to have access to quality bullets and are able to support their local gun store.

September 21, 2017 by Steve Hoy

Tigershark's on Ranges Where Jacketed are not Allowed

On some ranges in Australia the use of "Jacketed bullets" are restricted or banned entirely. Plated bullets are not "jacketed" as the coating process is entirely different to the way a Jacketed bullet is made. The coating of copper on a plated bullet is very thin (about 12 Micron) in comparison to an fully jacketed bullet.  However, in some instances there has been confusion over the look of Tigershark bullets - they "look a bit like an FMJ" but once the bullet is scratched on a surface such as concrete it is immediately obvious as the coating will scratch exposing the soft lead core - you cant do that with an FMJ.

Some clubs have recently clarified their position as per the following example:  

We are happy to follow up with clubs who do not understand the difference between "Jacketed" and copper plated bullets.


August 21, 2017 by Steve Hoy