Collection: Brass Monolithic Rifle Bullets

We offer three different types of solid brass bullets: Target (T), Hunter Tactic (HT) and Hunter (H).

(T) TARGET bullet is intended for target shooting.
With their sharp pointed ends TARGET (T) solid brass bullets are ideal for precise target shooting.  Because of its unique construction, the bullet does not fragment into smaller pieces upon impact. TACTIC bullets are not intended for hunting.

(HT) HUNTER TACTIC bullet is constructed for smaller game hunting.
HUNTER TACTIC bullet is a combination of TARGET and HUNTER bullet.
Its hollow tip is pointed and has thinner sides, which allow a quicker fragmentation upon impact.  The small fragmented pieces then work each in its own direction. The bullet retains approximately 70% of its mass on impact.

(H) HUNTER bullets have a hollow point with thicker sides.
The pointed shape of HUNTER bullets allows a deep penetration, while the hollow tip fragments into smaller pieces. The deep penetration that HUNTER bullets achieve is ideal for large game hunting. 


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