Lovex Propellant powder

Lovex is made in Czech Republic by Explosia 

We will initially have 3 variations of Lovex Propellant

1. DO32 (similar to AP50N, APS450, Winchester 231, Vihtavuori N320)

2. DO36 (similar to Unique, WSF) 

3. DO37.1 (similar to Vihtavuori N350, Alliant Blue Dot)

For more information on these powders go to  

LOVEX Reloading Guide

Burning Rate Chart

Propellant Powder is only available for pick up in Brisbane. Propellant cannot be shipped interstate other than to dealers. 

Due to the initial limited quantity on the first shipment we will need to ration it out.  The likely option will be that propellant will be offered as a packaged bundle with projectiles.  We are expecting a follow up shipment to land near the end of this year.

Tigershark Customers will be emailed an invitation to purchase as soon as costs are finalised. 

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