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Automated Priming System - Evolution - Small Primer - 220V

Automated Priming System - Evolution - Small Primer - 220V

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Have you ever wished to eliminate the tedious task of filling and refilling primer tubes, followed by the chore of transferring them into your primer feed? Your wish is now a reality with the Onboard Primer Collator, directly inspired by the Evolution's™ big brother, the Revolution®.

Here's how it works: A small vibratory bowl feeder guides primers up a circular ramp within the bowl. Primers then undergo a knockdown process to eliminate sideways orientation, followed by three knockouts to ensure primers are upright. Next, they slide down a ramp to feed a rotating primer disk, precisely positioning them for insertion into cases. If a case is absent, the "orphan" primer continues with the disk to be reintegrated into the feed stream.

Feature Highlights:

  • Continuous feed primer collator
  • 6-slot automatic primer feed disk for primers' physical separation
  • Optical sensor-driven primer flow control
  • Optional primer orientation sensor compatibility (coming soon)
  • Refillable without interrupting operation
  • Lexan safety shields included
  • Easily convertible for small or large primers
  • Capacity of approximately 300 - 500 primers
  • Easily accessible for maintenance and disconnects from the press with a few screws.

Upgrade your reloading setup with the convenience and efficiency of the Onboard Primer Collator, designed for seamless operation and easy maintenance

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