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FW Arms™ Auto-Case Centering Decapper/Deprimer

FW Arms™ Auto-Case Centering Decapper/Deprimer

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Hi Speed, Primer Popping, Case Centering Universal Decapper for cases up to 308 Win in length

Once you use it, you won’t know how you got along without it!

  • Eliminates case tipping
  • ‘Pops’ the primer off the tip
  • Popper feature adjustable from 0-to-Max
  • Perfectly guides case into die and pin into case
  • Reduce or eliminate damaged cases
  • Eliminates pin breakage due to pin missing case mouth
  • Special tip geometry nearly eliminates primer pull back
  • Greatly increases production speed
  • Super tough pin knocks out even heavy crimped primers
  • Works great on progressive presses, auto presses and even single stage presses
  • Comes with single guide rod and 2 additional tips.
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