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FW Arms™ Auto Center Swage Station Foot

FW Arms™ Auto Center Swage Station Foot

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Experienced reloaders understand the frustration of damaged case mouths or crushed cases caused by poorly centered hold down dies in swage stations. These issues not only compromise the quality of your reloads but also necessitate running your machine at a slower speed.

Introducing the patented FW Arms™ Auto-Case Centering Swage Station Foot, designed to address these challenges by effortlessly capturing and centering the case for perfect alignment with your swage rod. This innovative solution ensures precision and efficiency, resulting in faster production times and eliminating the risk of damaged cases.

Key Features:

  • Auto-Centering of Case Neck: The swage station foot automatically centers the case neck, guaranteeing optimal alignment for flawless swaging operations.

  • Heat Treated Alloy Steel Rod: Crafted from heat-treated alloy steel, the swage rod ensures durability and reliability, even under high-pressure conditions.

  • Guided Swage Foot: The guided swage foot extends all the way to the bottom of your case, providing consistent and uniform swaging throughout the reloading process.

Experience enhanced precision and efficiency in your reloading operations with the FW Arms™ Auto-Case Centering Swage Station Foot. Say goodbye to damaged cases and hello to smoother, faster production.

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