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Lyman Precision Die Set

Lyman Precision Die Set

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The Lyman company pioneered the development of several innovations in reloading equipment, including the Tungsten Carbide (T-C) sizing die and the "Multi" concept, which features additional seating screws for pistol die sets. This innovation is complemented by Lyman's two-step neck expanding die. The Multi Deluxe Die Sets offer several key features:

  1. One-Piece Hardened Steel Decapping Rod: Ensures durability and longevity during the decapping process.
  2. Extra Seating Screws: These are provided for accommodating all popular bullet nose shapes, enhancing the versatility of the die sets.
  3. All Steel Construction: Provides robustness and reliability for the reloading process.

For optimal bullet alignment, Lyman recommends their Premium Carbide 3 Die Sets. These sets are designed to ensure precise and consistent reloading, contributing to improved performance and accuracy in shooting

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