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Lyman Pro Series Dies

Lyman Pro Series Dies

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Introducing Lyman Stainless Steel Pro Dies – a paradigm shift in reloading die performance! Engineered to meet the demanding requirements of our Mark 7 presses, every detail of these precision dies has been meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance. But rest assured, they excel not only in Mark 7 presses but also in regular progressive presses, turret presses, and single station presses.

At the core of the design philosophy is the choice of materials. The size, seat, and crimp dies are forged from stainless steel, selected for its ruggedness and resistance to corrosion, ensuring longevity and eliminating the menace of rusted dies. Meanwhile, the sizing dies feature meticulously polished carbide rings, providing exceptional wear resistance and minimizing sizing force. Furthermore, they boast a spring-loaded de-capping rod system, guaranteeing the swift ejection of primers from the pocket.

Micrometer Seating Die – the epitome of precision. Its micrometer-adjustable seating head enables precise control over bullet seating length, while the floating bullet seating punch ensures concentricity and minimizes run-out.

Completing each set is a taper crimp die with micrometer adjustability, eliminating any residual case mouth flare and enhancing bullet retention.
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