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Mantis X 10 Elite - Shooting Performance System

Mantis X 10 Elite - Shooting Performance System

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Putting the fun back into training. 

The Mantis X10 Elite system attaches to your pistol to evaluate your shooting performance in either dry fire or live fire.  The system evaluates your performance by measuring the milliseconds before, during and after trigger press with your hit percentage expressed as a number out of 100 depending on how much you moved away from your sighting.  Additionally, your results are shown with a shot-by-shot analysis on a graph and detailed trace with a still image and video of each shot.

The system will give you coaching tips on how to correct your trigger pull based on your results.

There are multiple training modes and courses available on the platform from un-timed dry or live fire to cadence, surprise break and reloads, recoil and draw analysis.  And you can link to friends who have the system to undertake group training with goal setting and ranking.

**Please note that the iPhone pictured is not included (duh...)

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