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Mark 7 BulletSense® Bullet Detection Sensor

Mark 7 BulletSense® Bullet Detection Sensor

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The digital bullet orientation sensor stops the machine instantly if a vertical bullet is not present.

Precision laser with easy adjustments for different grain bullets and calibers. ** Important to note that the precision of a laser is unmatched in this use - it can even determine the difference between an upside-down bullet from a hollow point bullet

Can stop the machine if no bullet present, if upside down bullet, if sideways bullet, or no brass present and alerts you through the tablet

Supports 9mm through .308 calibers

On-the-fly enable/disable through the tablet

Compatible with all Mark 7® 1050 and RL1100 Autodrives (If you don't have a Mark 7 Autodrive™, this sensor will not work.)

This unit installs in moments with the included hardware - no modifications to your Dillon machine necessary. A must-have for people who want full protection from running out of bullets which can ruin your whole reloading session. Completely COMPATIBLE with PowderCheck and the Dillon Low Powder Check.
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