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Mark7 11" High Speed Case Feeder - Apex 10/Evo

Mark7 11" High Speed Case Feeder - Apex 10/Evo

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 Mark 7’s new 11” High Speed Case Feeder is designed to handle the demanding speeds of our Autodrive units, but also works great on hand operated progressive presses. The 11” Case Feeder offers high grade performance and has innovative features to make your loading operations smooth and easy. We started with all metal construction for strength and durability and added a variable speed DC motor which can be fine turned for your specific application. An advanced and reliable proximity switch controls the flow of cases to the press. Our unique bowl design has a trap door which makes it easy to remove cases as well as an adjustable funnel to handle most calibers. The Case Feeder also features a quick detach funnel adapter for easy removal and installation. Two versions are available: Mount directly to your Apex10 press or Universal mount which attaches to your bench, just where you need it.

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