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How it works: The user attaches the probe that corresponds to the case type and size to the sensor rod. Then, adjust the sensing probe assembly to the correct height for the desired powder load by moving the sensor die up or down and secure the die. When the press is operating, the probe is automatically inserted into the charged case. This moves the sensor bar into its measuring position. If the sensor’s infrared laser beam is able to pass through either the sensor bar’s “over charge” or “under charge” window, then the notification is triggered. Sensitivity is dependent on powder type and user adjustment.

Compatible with the following Mark 7® Loading Machines & Autodrives™:

APEX 10™/Evolution Autodrive™
RL1100/CP2000/Super1050/1050X Autodrives™
650 Pro/650 X Autodrives™

NOTE: Mark 7 Autodrive or Revolution Press required to use this sensor.
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