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Mark7 Apex 10

Mark7 Apex 10

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The Apex 10® is Mark 7’s premium manually operated press. Featuring a 10 station tool head, the Apex 10 can accommodate pistol and rifle cases from 380 ACP up to 308 Winchester. It includes on press swaging (a standard feature on all Mark 7 presses), an all metal 11” high-speed case feeder, a mechanical powder measure, stacked priming, and a Lyman® Pro Hold Down Die for use over the swage station.

The Apex 10 is designed for automation, and for many optional upgrades, which include the Mark 7 Primer Xpress®, the Mark 7 APEX 10 Autodrive, and the complete suite of Mark 7 Sensors and other accessories.

If you already own a Mark 7 1050 Autodrive, it can be modified for use on a APEX 10 with the purchase of a conversion kit.
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